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About Us

Salvage Auto and Repairable Vehicles are Our Specialty.

We specialize in wrecked luxury and entry-level vehicles as well as damaged hybrids and foreign cars.  Our experienced team fill our inventory through bulk buying of salvaged cars from thousands of insurance companies and banks.

Our inventory comes in varying conditions including; clean title car, theft recoveries, collision damage, flood damage and bank repos. On each of our listings you will see the damage type, engine condition and the general condition of the car. This ensures you know the exact condition for the vehicle and you get what you expect. The aim is to offer you affordable salvage and clean title vehicles from all over the United Kingdom at the fraction of what you will pay for them if you try to shop around yourself. We guarantee you a very smooth and transparent transaction.

Even though most of these vehicles are labelled “Cat N or S”, they are generally in pretty good condition with little to no repairs required in some cases.

In more than 90% of cases, you will take delivery of your vehicle in no more than 5weeks.

If you are happy with our services, please tell others.